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What We Do

Conte Mechanical & Electrical Services Pty Ltd provides a diverse range of mechanical services.

Conte Mechanical & Electrical Services was established in 1991 and provides a complete design, manufacture, installation and maintenance service for commercial and industrial buildings.

Works undertaken include Hospitals, Government Projects, Commercial Offices, Universities, Large Retail projects. We are able to undertake both documented works and design and construct projects.  We have successfully completed a number of Green Start Design Projects.

Fields of Expertise:

Refrigeration Piping, Ductwork installation, chilled beams, VRV systems, Duct, Chilled Water, Heating Water, Condenser Water, VRV systems, DDC, Direct Digital Controls, Gas, Medical and industrial gases, smoke hazard management, air cooled and water cooled ac systems, chillers, cooling towers, boilers etc. sustainable energy efficiency.

We manage both smaller and larger works. Smaller projects generally range from around $5,000 up to $500K and the larger projects will range from around $500K up to $10M for Mechanical works.